Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Chanca Piedra Babesia Update

I recently found this link about Chanca Piedra. It mentions it might be a promising herb to take for Lyme disease.

"Researchers have suggested that another promising area for future study would be the use of Chanca Piedra in treatment of Lyme’s Disease. Since syphilis is caused by a spirochete and Chanca Piedra has traditionally been used for this illness, it would be a good study for the epidemic of Lyme’s Disease, which we are experiencing the northeastern United States, since Lyme’s is also caused by a spirochete. Some herbalists have used Chanca Piedra traditionally for gonorrhea and syphilis."

An update about my Babesia ~ Nov. 21, 2010. I wanted to add my health practitioner tested me more than once in the past 6 months for Babesia and she said it had cleared. Maybe that meant it was just hiding out in remission? I need to clarify if she tested me with the use of my DNA or just through energy testing. I suspect it was with the use of my DNA. Babesia tested that it was gone twice and then recently after a bout with the H1N1 flu which helped increase my load of Wild Nile Virus I tested positive again for Babesia. I also had stopped taking Chanca Piedra because I had not been muscle testing to take it anymore. I now want to start taking it again. I have switched to Raintree's Chanca Piedra capsules. 

You can find my original blog about taking Chanca Piedra for Babesia here:

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