Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Preparation for Bionic 880 Treatment in Germany

For anyone wondering how the Bionic 880 works this website will give you some idea.

The doctor I will be treating with in Germany uses the Bionic 880 (infrared light machine) along with homeopathic nosodes on the solar plexus which help to direct the infrared light to know which diseases to clear from the body.

As part of the preparation for my trip I have been having all my mercury fillings removed from my teeth by a biological dentist that takes safety precautions when removing mercury. Not only is it preferable to have ones amalgams removed when dealing with any persistent illness two Lyme patients I know cautioned me to do so before starting the treatment. They went to Germany with their mercury fillings still in and their fillings actually heated up in their teeth and caused some discomfort.

Having my fillings removed and replaced with materials that are compatible with my teeth has been a costly and time consuming endeavor which I think will pay off hopefully with improved health.

I was tested for material compatibility with a German vega machine which is used to energetically test for what materials work for you. My friend was tested for compatibility materials recently with a blood test and unfortunately the new materials her dentist used had to be removed when they made her teeth hurt. Luckily my teeth are feeling okay. As soon as I have a temporary crown replaced my dentistry will be done for the moment. I might deal with cavitations later.

Here is a link to some info from Dr. Klinghardt on chronic diseases and mercury.

Some Lyme doctors (LLMD = Lyme literate MD) think getting ones amalgams out is not necessary unless you test for high mercury levels. I tend to disagree with this way of thinking. The testing for high mercury levels is not 100% reliable and keeping ones amalgams in my mind is not helpful or healthy.

There is plenty of information to be found about the relationship between high metal levels and bad health. I know one person with Lyme disease who had her amalgams removed and actually went into remission for a while. Keeping ones mercury fillings while ill is like living in a home with mold when ill and not trying to do anything about the mold. Many people I know are having to deal with mold in their homes and many more people are becoming aware of the problem and doing mold testing with mold plates one can purchase cheaply at Home Depot.

I still have not decided if I will be buying a Bionic 880 to bring home and treat with. The machines were $7,000. plus and the price has gone up to between $8,000. and $9,000. plus depending on the exchange rate. I don't honestly know if I can afford a machine. I might pay to use a friend's machine when I return or go to a see a healthcare practitioner who has one. Neither machine well be located very close to my home so I have a lot to think about. Some people believe using a PE1 instead for infrared light treatment might be workable and it might save me a lot of money as well. Treating Lyme disease has been the most costly journey I have ever been on.