Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love The One You're With

Meaning you!

I just read the following statement yesterday online:

"Once you start to gravitate towards people who give you energy, you will no longer be susceptible to giving to those who "drain you"... Givers need to learn how to Take...and give to YOURSELF. Let me remind you how much you deserve to be loved Unconditionally!"

This quote was written by Chinhee Park her website is

Chinhee also has a facebook group with her sister Sunhee Park. Chinhee and Sunhee Park are Korean identical twins and are both psychics.

After reading that statement I had a light bulb moment. What I really need to do in order to get well is to stop being an out of control healer and giver and give more to myself and stop giving all my energy away. The shoemakers daughter does not need to prance around in bare feet any longer!!! I think as a child I thought trying to please everyone was the way to be loved more by my family or more popular with my friends and don't even get me started about how I still give my power away when I meet new people at times. I do not need to be a people pleaser any longer. It is a old boring worn out habit. I wonder how many other people with persistent dis-ease are out of control givers and healers?

1) Being an over giver does not work. In reality people you over give to can start to resent you and you can be taking their lessons away from them or worse yet they just use you and you turn into a shag carpet.

2) Balance is key in life. I would much rather learn to love myself more and next time I am in a romantic relationship hopefully manifest a better balance of give and take. The last situation I was in was totally lacking in romance and balance in the give and take department and it did not take long to start resenting the imbalance and the sponge and myself for being with someone who had very little desire to give if any. I sadly don't think they had a clue how to give to another person nor the desire to do so which I took personally. The situation was not healing for me but it certainly was full of lessons.

Self care and self love is so important for anyone with a persistent disease. The psychics I studied with use to refer to it as "Body being communication". What they were talking about was asking your body what it needs and not just once in awhile. Does it want more sleep for example or more fun, or more exercise, or perhaps something special or healthy to eat, or even more sex, or a trip out in nature or a good comedy to make you laugh? Amusement can be so healing at times.

Opening up the doors to better communication with your body has got to be healing so it is one of my new goals. I like most of us have some habits I want to break that do not serve my health or body.

I think I will give my body a badly needed break right now from the computer and follow up later with some suggestions one can do to give more to their body without having to leave home or spend a money.