Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If You Have Lyme Disease There is a High Probability You Have Mold Issues

Dr. Klinghardt believes environmental mold toxins can often be part of the health puzzle when dealing with both Lyme disease and autism.

Have you tested your home for mold yet? You can have mold spores that are making you ill or adding to your dis-ease state without seeing any signs of water damage or without ever having experienced any water damage.

The air we breathe indoors often contains harmful mold spores. Dr. Klinghardt says even new homes contain mold by the time they are finished being built because new homes are constructed like a cardboard box wrapped in plastic.

I was told that mold collects in the walls in a building that contain the most geo stress. Geographic stress can happen naturally. Some of the causes are underground running water, fault lines and certain mineral concentrations. Geo stress is often said to also be caused by electro-magnetic fields from computers, wiring and appliances. You can read more about geo stress at this link. http://thegeomancer.netfirms.com/geopathicstress.htm

My practitioner had me make mold samples on Home Depot mold testing plates which I sent to her along with 4 photos of the different walls of the outside of my home. She used the sample plates and photos to treat the mold in my apartment using remote Rife frequencies. I still need to buy some new testing plates to make sure the mold is gone and has not returned.

It sounds strange but we treated the geo stress in my home by putting aluminum foil down on the floor in various locations for several weeks before treating my apartment for mold.

Mold can cause a lot of symptoms that can be very similar to Lyme disease. Here is a rather complete list. You can find other lists online.

You do not have to have all these symptoms to have mold issues.

Dr. Klinghart recommends diffusing propolis. You can purchase a propolis diffuser at this link Bee Healthy Farms. http://www.beehealthyfarms.com/
You might also want to pick up a diffuser for your car because 50% of cars are said to contain mold also.

My healthcare practitioner recommends using a Lightening Air Plus as an air purifier. Your MD or ND might prefer another one so ask. I like the Lightening Air Plus so when I leave home even for a couple of hours I can blast my home with ozone.

Most homes are going to take more than a diffuser and a good air purifier to make them livable if your have a bad mold issue in your home.

You can find a lot of information on mold by just googling the topic. I did try to read a copy of Mold Warriors by Richie Shoemaker but honestly became bored with it so I gave the book to a friend. The book seemed to repeat itself and of course the subject matter is rather dry.

I have heard from more than one person that if you hire a mold inspector they may not really be that good at detecting mold. Some are of course better than others.

There are different ways of testing your body and home for mold. If you do have Lyme disease or any persistent disease I urge you to test for mold. I have told more than one person I thought they had mold issues and months later when their practitioner finally has them test for it they realize that they do have a mold issue.

If you have been exposed to mold in the past and or present there are different ways you can treat yourself for mold. Some of the ways are with the use of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Peach Tree Extract or Cholestyramine. Personally I find Cholestyramine a bit to harsh. My Tibetan MD warned me against using it. I wish I had listened to him. In Tibetan Medicine they believe in nurturing the bile not dumping it. My Tibetan MD warned me I would be cold for months after using CSM and he was correct. I don’t know if it really helped my mold issues or not. I do know that my MD wrote me an Rx for CSM which contained  sucrose which was truly moronic. Had I checked and known it contained sucrose at the time I would have refused it. The sucrose it contained caused my candida count to shoot up and actually made me feel sicker in the long run and was counter productive. You can find CSM that does not contain sucrose. Currently I am taking GSE capsules to help with past mold exposure. At some point I will probably try taking Peach Tree Extract.

Many people including myself go into denial over mold – it is a difficult subject to deal with and hard to wrap your mind around the fact your home, school or car could be making you ill.

Links to further reading on the subject of Lyme disease and mold. The first link contains helpful testing information on how to test your body for mold exposure.

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