Saturday, November 20, 2010

Using Reflexology & Massage to Assist in Healing

For a long time I have been wanting to write about different free or low cost things you can do at home to assist yourself in healing. Some of the suggestions I am going to make are very easy to do and only require a little bit of time, very little effort and the willingness to do them. Some of my recommendations feel so good while doing them they have become beneficial habits and routines. I am hoping some of my ideas will become enjoyable healing daily practices for you as well.

I think Lyme Literate MDs & NDs certainly have their place in helping one recover yet there are many things you can do at home to speed your own healing. From time to time I hope to give you some suggestions on just how one might go about making improvements on your own.

One beneficial practice I enjoy which feels wonderful while I am doing it as well as afterwards is using a small nubby looking hand reflexology massage ball on my hands and feet. The goal of reflexology and hand or foot massage is too stimulate one’s organs back into optimal health.

There are many free reflexology charts you can google so you can find out where different organs correlate to reflexology points or areas on your hands and feet. The charts are helpful when looking up sore points or when trying to stimulate different organs back into health.

Here is an excellent site for free interactive hand and foot charts.

I usually spend 5 minutes rolling each foot over the nubby ball while sitting down. I place the ball on top of a small carpet and then roll my entire foot over the ball. It is more comfortable to keep my socks on while doing this.

You can give yourself a treatment while reading watching television or talking on the phone or to family. It feels fantastic and opens up the foot charkas so you can allow in more earth energy. When I am done with the nubby ball on each foot I then roll each foot over a wooden foot roller for about two additional minutes on each foot.

I then treat my hands for five minutes by rolling the ball between both hands/palms & fingers to give my hands a healing. All the organs of the body have reflexology points in your hands and feet so when you spend time using the ball you are stimulating and assisting all your organs into optimal health.

Five minutes may be too long for you to spend at first and overly stimulating so use your intuition and start off slowly.

I bought my nubby ball years ago at the health food store. You can purchase a similar ball online. You can find one for as little as $4.

The foot rollers can be found online as well.

If you would like to learn more about reflexology there are many books on the subject or articles you can find online. Mildred Carter has written easy to read books on both hand and foot reflexology. Her books and many reflexology tools such as foot rollers and nubby balls can also be found on her website.

Mildred Carter’s website.

Massaging your own hands and feet can feel very healing and delicious too or getting a spouse or friend to massage them can feel even better. I like to use olive oil or coconut oil with a few drops of lavender oil added to it for massaging hands or feet.

You can google many health issues along with the word reflexology and come up with some helpful instructions on what points or areas to treat. You can use reflexology for insomnia, colds, thyroid, more energy & many other issues.


  1. Great blog- will share! Inexpensive self help ideas are so needed- thanks from Canada!

  2. You are welcome Miss Shari B. & the USA thanks you & Canada for being our neighbors.

  3. Can you share some information with people about the right tests to get and where you got them, what treatments you receive that help you and how you went about getting medical care? If you were able to...While I agree with your rage about misinformation, I feel it is terribly important that we all start publishing truthful, helpful information. Getting the facts out there is the best way to combat the lies. You are sharing many wonderful healing remedies and tips already. I wonder if you can also share more about where and how people in your area can be tested and where to find an LLMD. There are so many who need those essential first steps. Warmly, A Lyme survivor.