Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slaying the Babesia Beast with Chanca Piedra

I am dealing with a lingering case of pneumonia right now along with tularemia and environmental mold so I have been rather tired.

I plan to hit the mold in my home soon with remote frequencies once I mail a mold sample I made on a mold plate from Home Depot to my practitioner.

I am currently using homeopathic nosodes (vials) of Borrelia and tapping them into my skin/immune system the same way one would do EFT tapping. I checked with my awesome highly intuitive energy/muscle tester today and she said I still have Lyme disease. Luckily my Lyme load numbers are going down at the moment. I have had them jump back up again when I was recently dealing with a bad respiratory infection.

Today by phone my practitioner said I cleared Babesia. Here is a link to the California Lyme Disease Association’s information on Babesia if you would like more information on the disease.

My practitioner told me I had cleared babs another time recently so I thought I would have her recheck for me. One can’t be 100% certain with energy testing but she seems to think my babs has cleared. The first time she said it was gone I assumed it was due to the remote frequencies she sends me from her biofeedback machine which she utilizes like a Rife machine. Today she told me “No a herb you were taking made it go away and you have currently run out of the herb”.

This is the same practitioner who has called me up once and said “Look in the bag of supplements on the floor there is something in there you need to take”.

She lives on the opposite side of the country so there is no way she knew I had a bag of supplements on the floor so when this person tells me something I pay attention to what she says. She told one of my friends that she is not psychic just scientific. I think she is extremely tuned in and very psychic and also not someone to toot her own horn which is very refreshing to find in a health practitioner. Nor is she at all judgmental which is also refreshing!

Together we figured out that the herb I had been taking that made my babesia leave town was Chanca Piedra also sometimes referred to as Peruvian Breakstone. As most of you know Babesia is referred to as a co-infection. It often comes as a package deal with Lyme disease. Sort of a two for one gift or three for one or so on.

After you receive a tick bite or horse fly bite, or mosquito bite or fill in the blank bite.. when you come down with Lyme disease babesia very often comes along for the ride along with some other equally lovely cos. Some people believe some of the co-infections can actually be more detrimental than Lyme disease. Bartonella has wrecked havoc in my life so I would agree with that statement.

Someone today referred to babesia as a beast. Any disease that hangs on after thousands of dollars worth of malaria meds and makes you have miserable night sweats among other ghastly disgusting symptoms is a beast in my book.

One of my acupuncturists had started me on Chanca Piedra for general and liver support months ago. I had stopped taking it and then my current health practitioner told me to start taking it again one day when we were muscle testing my different supplements over the phone. I don’t think she is even that familiar with the herb but she said I tested positive to take it. Who knew it would also work on the Babesia Beast?

I had read in the past that some people take Chanca Piedra for Malaria and Babesia is suppose to be helped by Malaria meds or so we are often told. Chanca Piedra helps support the liver, kidneys and gallbladder and is often used for people dealing with Hep C.

I am taking Raintree's Chanca Piedra. I take the capsules but they also make a tincture as well. You can find it in capsule and tincture form. It is famous for helping with kidney and gallbladder stones.

I was taking 2 capsules twice a day and now have been told to take one cap three times a day.

Chanca Piedra has many different exciting healing properties. Here is an article about it.

According to the article “These species of Phyllanthus have been proven in scientific research to have antihepatotoxic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, febrifugal, and hypoglycemic activity.”

The article also states:

“The most recent research on Break-Stone reveals that its antiviral activity extends to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A Japanese research group discovered Phyllanthus niruri 's HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibition properties in 1992 with a simple water extract of the plant. Bristol-Myers Squibb's Pharmaceutical Research Institute isolated at least one of the constituents in the plant responsible for this activity--a novel compound which they named "niruside" and described in a 1996 study.”

Previously I did many months of Mepron and Malarone which are two costly malaria meds many Lyme literate MDs often prescribe for Babesia yet they did not help me leave babsville completely.

When I was leaving Germany after my infrared light treatment the doctor there energy tested me for Babesia and said I was still testing positive for it. It also showed up in DNA testing since then.

Not only is Chanca Piedra not hard on your liver like some other malaria drugs often prescribed for babs the herb actually supports and nurtures your liver. It is a fraction of the cost of both Mepron and Malarone and Alinia.

Dr. Harris mentions Chanca Piedra in Connie Strasheim’s book Insights into Lyme Disease.

I am hoping some other patients with Babesia will try using Chanca Piedra and will report back with their results.

I recently found this link about Chanca Piedra. It mentions it might be a promising herb to take for Lyme disease.

"Researchers have suggested that another promising area for future study would be the use of Chanca Piedra in treatment of Lyme’s Disease. Since syphilis is caused by a spirochete and Chanca Piedra has traditionally been used for this illness, it would be a good study for the epidemic of Lyme’s Disease, which we are experiencing the northeastern United States, since Lyme’s is also caused by a spirochete. Some herbalists have used Chanca Piedra traditionally for gonorrhea and syphilis."

An update about my Babesia ~ Nov. 21, 2010. I wanted to add my health practitioner tested me more than once in the past 6 months for Babesia and she said it had cleared. Maybe that meant it was just hiding out in remission? I need to clarify if she tested me with the use of my DNA or just through energy testing. I suspect it was with the use of my DNA. Babesia tested that it was gone twice and then recently after a bout with the H1N1 flu which helped increase my load of Wild Nile Virus I tested positive again for Babesia. I also had stopped taking Chanca Piedra because I had not been muscle testing to take it anymore. I now want to start taking it again. I have switched to taking Raintree's Chanca Piedra capsules. I like Raintree's quality. 


  1. I understand that Chanca Piedra it according to your opinion is effective in treatment babesji. What did you apply herb? Mark

  2. Mark I am not sure I understand your question? What do you mean by applying herb? Do you want to know where I bought it? My practitioner had me switch to Raintree's Chanca Piedra capsules because they energetically tested better for me than the other brand I was taking. You can purchase them online at

  3. Great article! Thx for all the info! I am definitely going to start my family on this asap!(we all are blessed with the lyme/babs/bart coctail) Can't wait! We have been using Allergy Research Artemisinin for years now on and yr on, one yr off, etc. and although we've temporarily experienced a time of relief we are still dealing with the lovely Babs. Time for something new. Always trying to take tons of Milk Thistle so maybe this will be a nice change all around :)Thx again, Susan

  4. Can you tell me the name and contact number of your practitioner across the country that has such remarkable intuitive abilities? Thanks so much!

  5. thanks for you post!.......i was just curious if you still think as highly of chanca piedra now, as when you did at the time of this post. I know sometimes when i start taking an herb i think its the greatest thing, but then two years later i have a total different perspective on it........thank you!!

  6. Hello, I wondered if you were still answering your posts. I had asked about your intutitve practitioner. I have Babesia, can't take antibiotics and am pretty desperate! Thanks

  7. My practitioner just recommended I start on chance piedra again - for a sluggish gallbladder (I did a lot of rocephin which is known to cause gall stones). surprisingly after a cup of chanca piedra tea this morning, I had a babesia "flushing/overheating" experience. I get the same "flushing" thing after babesia tinctures like cryptolepsis, so this tells me it's hitting babesia. and the fact that it might be active against spirochetes is a triple bonus.