Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tomorrow is My Sixth Treatment

On the day of the sixth or last treatment Dr. Woitzel tests the patient to see how well their borellia  load has been reduced with the help of the treatment. I believe he tests the patient with the use of his Bicom 2000. I will find out for sure tomorrow how he does the testing. I am curious to find out if I will be done with my treatment in Germany or if I will need to stay here a bit longer to treat before returning home. 

I took a long walk tonight and noticed I had plenty of energy and felt like I could walk forever. Was it just a gorgeous night in the Black Forest or is the treatment giving me added energy or is my thyroid medicine starting to work or all of the above? It will be interesting to see how my energy level is in the next few days to month and to see if I feel this good every day. I don't want to jinx the fact that just maybe I am starting to feel some real improvements. 

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