Friday, July 10, 2009

Back Home & Feeling Better!

I did my 6th treatment which I will write more about later. I flew home (11 hours) after an hour Ice train ride to get to the Frankfurt airport. Taking the train to the airport was very easy. Karin Klein the kind and wonderful owner of the guest house in Dobel took me to the train station and made sure I boarded the right train. Both she and my treatment buddy saw me off and I left in tears. I have some very fond memories of Germany. I felt okay on the flight unlike my old sick self that would always start to feel ill from flying even on short flights. Always when I did fly I would be forced to spend the next day in bed. I am feeling good at the moment compared to how I was feeling before Germany. I forgot to take any Melatonin on the flight home and am having jet lag and going to sleep at strange hours and waking up at 3:00 a.m. to start my day. 

It feels good to be feeling better and to be home in my own space. I still have more work to do and co-infections to continue to deal with and more detoxing to do. I am happy that my kidney feels more normal at the moment rather than its sometimes burnt out sluggish uncomfortable tight state of feeling before treatment and my digestion improved with Bionic 880 treatment and my fatigue issues have improved some as well. I would not say I am cured but I am feeling better than I was before treatment and I am very grateful and thrilled about my improvements. 

I went to a yoga class today at 7:30. a.m. It was too advanced for me so I did not do all of it yet I was happy I could do more of it then right before I left for Germany. 


  1. Hello! So are you declared Lyme-free by Dr. W after your 6th treatment? It is encouraging to hear that you are feeling noticeably better when returning home!

  2. The doctor does not say you are "Lyme free". He even lets you know that the Borrelia may test positive in blood testing yet at the moment is not testing positive with energy testing. He says you still have spirochetes but they are not bothering you right now due to treatment with frequencies. He warns patients that stress can bring them back again and then you must treat twice with the Bionic 880. He did find some of my co-infections to still be active with Bicom 2000 testing and with his Biotensor. My babesia is still active and I have some other co-infections as well. I do feel better like my battery was recharged. For me the treatment was worth it.

  3. Thanks for the elaboration Troutfarm. It's been some time since your last post, could you give an update of how you've been feeling since returning from Germany? Regarding Babesia, I was able to rid myself of it after going thru a bottle of MMS. I consistently tested negative for it on a Vega machine (energetic tester), even in the various regions of my brain where I had it before. However, my Borrelia infection has not shifted one bit after the bottle of MMS. :(

  4. I will post again soon with a full update. At the moment I am having the flu or flu like symptoms and not feeling very well. The H1N1 (Swine Flu) has hit my county and I don't know if that is what I have or not. sixgoofykids who has a blog spot and did the treatment in Germany last Sept. told me when she first returned from Germany she had colds and the flu on and off for her first 3 months after Bionic 880 treatment while her immune system readjusted. I can't wait to feel better again because feeling run down is not making me happy.