Friday, July 3, 2009

Soaking & Floating in Bad Wildbad

Palais Thermal – Badepalast is an incredibly beautiful spa found in the heart of the town of Bad Wildbad. The architecture, old hand painted tiles, bath fixtures, various mineral pools, rooms and stained glass windows are so incredibly beautiful and unique that you get the feeling that you are in a special timeless healing sanctuary.


Unfortunately we found the staff not exactly helpful friendly or healing. We were removed from the sauna for the crime of wearing our bathing suits. We did not know we were breaking any rules because the front desk had only told us clothing was optional. An old man went and told a staff member about our crime of harboring swimsuits. The staff member came and told us we had to get out of the sauna because “Rules are rules”. It is still worth spending a relaxing afternoon there soaking in the various sized ornate pools. The saunas are also super relaxing and they use different aromatherapy oils in the different saunas.


Vital Therme: Thermal Spa



Vital Therme is my favorite place in Bad Wildbad to go to float and soak in the mineral pools because the views of the mountains are incredible and the atmosphere is much mellower than at the Palais Thermal – Badepalast and the outdoor pools at Vital Therme are a nice place to float relax or sun. There is also an eating area set up with tables and there is a nice upscale grocery store where the bus drops you off where you can pick up freshly made deli salads for lunch and water which is important to purchase because the spa only has bottled water to drink that you purchase from a machine which runs out.


Both spas are found in the town of Bad Wildbad which is just a short bus and train ride or just bus ride (depending on the time of day you go) away from the Klein guesthouse in Dobel.


The town of Bad Wildbad is incredibly charming and quaint. The views of the mountains in Bad Wildbad are worth the trip alone. You can also take a tram up the mountainside in Bad Wildbad and there are hiking trails and a restaurant at the top with of course more good views. We have yet to take the tram up the mountain but if I have time before I leave for the USA I would like to.


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