Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Treating in Germany

The photon infrared light treatment is done with homeopathic nosodes taped about two plus inches above the belly button. The nosodes contain an imprint of the diseases the photons are to kill off to assist in clearing them from the body (in my case Lyme disease to start with).

Later I will probably use my own blood in an tiny glass vial instead of the nosodes because the MD told me your own blood contains all the diseases you would want to clear from your body for example co-infections and in my case EBV.  The nosodes or blood vile instructs the photons what to work on.

Here is the definition of a nosode: (in homeopathy) a preparation of substances secreted in the course of a disease, used in the treatment of that disease.

Dr. Woitzel warned me that stress can make someone's Lyme disease symptoms return after a patient has already treated Lyme disease with the Bionic 880 successfully. He said if symptoms return after completing treatment then you must do two more Bionic treatments to help put the disease back in check.

For Bionic 880 treatment in Germany the patient is put in a curtained booth with a Bionic 880 infrared light machine (the same machine NASA is experimenting with). A glass pitcher of water is left next to the machine for drinking and a piece of paper with a semi stick figure of the points the patient is suppose to shine the infrared light on by holding the paddle of the machine on the skin at a specific location.

The machine is programmed as to the frequencies the MD wants the patient to use and the machine stops sending light after you hold the paddle to each different location. The ten locations to apply the infrared light to are drawn on a stick figure on a piece of paper. The programmed amount of time I have been using per location/point has been 320 seconds (about 5 minutes). For each new point you press the start button again. The amount of seconds you are to use is already programmed into the machine by a medical tech beforehand and the machine makes a sound when you complete a point. If you are treating at home you would program the amount of time into the machine to use the light head on each point before you begin a treatment along with the frequency you intended to use. 

The doctor told me he likes patients to use energy testing when working at home or with another practitioner to figure out which frequency to program the machine with. You can use stronger or lower frequencies as needed.

An example of where we were told to hold the light head/paddle is to each ear like one would hold a telephone, to the very top of the head, and to the forehead.

I was given ten different locations to hold the paddle with the infrared light against my skin. You start on the right side. For example first you hold the paddle (light head) against the inside of the right wrist and then the left wrist. The machine stops when you have held the paddle long enough in each position and then you are instructed to drink a glass of water before treating the next point.

After I complete my Bionic 880 treatment I am always given a ozone blood infusion by a medical tech. Using an IV they take your blood out mix it with ozone and then shake the blood and ozone together and then the blood is delivered back into the patient by the same IV.

Not all patients are given ozone infusions. The doctor decides on the first appointment which patient receives what treatment and what IV’s. He used his Biocom 2000 (a machine used for energy testing) to see what minerals etc. to add to my magnesium IVs. He also could tell by testing with his Bicom 2000 that I have had Lyme disease for over 20 years and that I also have the co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia and active Epstein Bar Virus but that my Lyme disease is worse than my co-infections and EBV The machine also told him from what I could understand that Lyme disease had taken 80% of my energy. No wonder fatigue and lack of stamina are currently some of my worst symptoms.

The IVs assist with the detoxing process after killing things off with the Bionic 880 so that the patient does not have too bad of a herx reaction. 

My blood looks very dark when it is taken out for the ozone infusions and then lighter when mixed with the ozone before it is returned. As the days of treatment progress hopefully the patient’s blood becomes lighter and healthier in appearance. Mine is still dark but is said to be lighter than when I first arrived at the doctor’s office for treatment on June 18.

After the ozone IV I am then given a magnesium zinc IV with some homeopathics mixed in along with some bicarbonate of soda. Someone posted on a Lyme forum that bicarbonate of soda is used to make the patient's body more alkaline then acid. I usually feel slightly better right after the magnesium IV but rather tired by the time I arrive home from the doctor’s office.

I had my fourth treatment this Monday and receive my fifth treatment tomorrow on Thursday.

People keep asking me how I am feeling and if I am herxing or having die off. If I am herxing it is very minimal and perhaps limited to night sweats, I did just start having night sweats a few weeks before I left the USA when I drank some Q-tonic and it kicked out some babesia symptoms so it is difficult to say for sure that the Bionic 880 is causing my night sweats. My guess is that it is. Another person told me they had night sweats as well when doing the treatment here in Germany.

“The Herxheimer reaction (also known as Jarisch-Herxheimer or Herx) occurs when large quantities of toxins are released into the body as bacteria (typically Spirochetal bacteria) die, due to antibiotic treatment or rapid detoxification.”

I am not feeling worse than before I left the USA. I know some patients do feel very sick for a bit during treatment but I have no complaints along those lines.

I did feel very ill on the tiring long flight here from the stress and experience of traveling (flying seems to make me always feel much worse) so when I arrived I was having migraine pain and was feeling nauseous. I looked pale and was feeling much worse then my normal fatigued self.

I felt like I really needed some extra oxygen on the flight to Germany yet did not want to ask for some and cause a scene. The flight was already difficult enough with a young boy having seizures. Luckily there were two MD’s on the flight. The wife of one at one point told me if they did not find seizure meds that we would have had to make an emergency landing. Luckily more than one passenger did just happen to have seizure meds with them.

The flight attendants where snarly and anything but friendly and pretended they were out of bottled water in our section when they were not. Thanks United I will remember never to fly your “Friendly” skies ever again. I had wanted to fly Lufthansa. We also had young children sitting behind us who kicked the back of our seats all the way to Frankfurt even after the flight attendant asked them to stop.

I am told I am looking much better then when I first arrived here but after that flight from hell anyone would be looking better. I do think I am perhaps feeling a bit better then before I left the USA.

If I am feeling better at this point in time it is still difficult to measure how much because I am not home and doing the things that normally create fatigue and lack of stamina like driving for 35 or 50 minutes to go to the dentist or grocery shopping or driving even further to see my Lyme literate chiropractor. One person told me they did not feel any large improvements until after treatment #4. Also Dr. Woitzel just recently started me on thyroid meds. Please if you have Lyme disease and your LLMD has not tested your thyroid recently request a test. I had to ask for one this year in the USA and Dr. Woitzel retested me when I arrived.

They test your thyroid in Germany by taking your blood and then having you sniff some sort of spray and then they re-test your blood again 45 minutes later after taking some more. My test just like my last one in the USA came back reporting that my thyroid is low. Dr. W. was surprised my healthcare practitioner in the USA had not given me anything for my thyroid.

I am hoping that I will see more noticeable improvements before I return home but so far I am glad I came. I also received one spinal adjustment from the MD here as well.

I have been enjoying the mineral pools in the nearby town of Bad Wildbad. It is a bus or bus and train ride from the guesthouse in Dobel and a very quaint town with incredibly gorgeous views from the mineral pool of the mountains. I like the fact that mineral pools help one detox by pulling out toxins while also adding back in good minerals. I have been using the sauna at the mineral pools as well to help with detox. I find afternoons in Bad Wildbad very healing and relaxing. We have been enjoying the Vital Therme baths in Bad Wildbad but there is another Thermal Spa there that is to reopen soon we would also like to try called Palais Thermal. Floating around in and detoxing in mineral pools always helps me sleep better.

Germany is super beautiful and the Black Forrest lovely and full of wonderful hiking trails. There are many trails within close range of the guesthouse. Tonight I walked down a paved road and watched 7 beautiful horses eating their dinner while the sun was sinking into the horizon like a glowing orange ball. It was so beautiful outside I really did not want to come inside but had a short skirt on and was getting chilly.
The good news is the doctor in Germany told me he may be going to California at some point to help start a clinic there with some other Lyme literate MDs.

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