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Notes From Dr. Klinghardt's Lyme Disease Phone Seminar on Oct 4 2011

Some Notes Taken From  Dr. Klinghardt's Phone On Seminar Oct 4 2011.

 I was multi tasking while listening to the call so please don’t shoot me if any of this information is incorrect.

Most of us missed the first 16 minutes of the call due to technical difficulties beyond our control.

This is some of what Dr. Klinghardt discussed.

Lyme disease causes narrowing of the blood vessels.
All the co-infections & Lyme disease hang out mostly in the lining of the blood vessels. A smaller amount hangs out in the connective tissue.

The brain actually shrinks if Lyme disease goes untreated for years and years.

Home & work place conditions need to be fixed first.

EMFs/electromagnetic smog needs to be dealt with.

There should be no cordless phones nor wireless technology in the home.

Turn off all fuses at night in the home for sleeping.

Your home should be as mold free as possible.

Dr. Klinghardt said everyone should do ERMI testing to test your home for mold. You can buy the test from for around $250 he said and he said everyone should read Surviving Mold a book by Dr. Richie Shoemaker to help with fixing home or work place mold issues. He mentioned a ERMI test score of 2 is not good and everyone he knows who used that test has had a score over 2 so far. If your score is over 2 it will limit your ability to get well.

My two cents on mold. Yes everyone with Lyme disease has had past and or present mold issues they need to work on if they want to get well. I found grapefruit seed extract capsules helpful for mold toxins. You can have mold issues in your home without water damage or signs of mold. Mold often hangs out inside the walls and mold spores occur in the air of all homes even brand new ones. You need to find out what type of mold you have in your home and the levels. I am tired of listening to Lyme patients who tell me they do not have mold in their home. If you want to stay in denial about mold you will stay sick. 

Now to get on to the rest of what doctor Klinghardt had to say on the call. 

Detoxification he said is very important.

He said biotoxins from the disease are crucial to deal with.
He recommends using the chlorella he offers at He said it is the one he trusts and to use it for removing toxins from the body. Personally I have used other chlorella that is more reasonably priced that I like and find helpful.

It is important to kill microbes that are in the system. They communicate with each other and create biofilms. Biofilms are colonies that contain mold & spirochetes & the DNA of worms among other things.  

Dr. Klinghardt said there is a recipe for a Lyme cocktail to make on his website. You make it in the blender each morning and it is anti-fungal & anti-virual as well as having other healing properties. He said to ramp up slowly on the “Lyme Cocktail” and to use it daily for a year.

Immune modulation is important to balance out the immune system. He has used various treatments in the past. Now there is a new injectable treatment he likes. It turns on the part of the immune system that has been blinded by microbes. The monthly cost is $400. It is called GcMAF He recommends doing this treatment after ones deals with environmental mold issues not before. I would love to try these injections. All donations for this treatment will be gladly accepted. My current income of zero does cover this : )

Restoring the damage is the last part of the treatment – he uses a new herbal compound an ayurvedic herb Mimosa pudica for this. It comes in capsules and it can be used against Lyme disease, worms and co-infections. It helps to restore the nervous system. I believe he sells it at at Biopure.

Diet he said is very important He likes the diet by Susan Owen It is a low oxalic diet and helps with inflammation. He said you can google the diet and find it online.  I noticed Greg from Two Frogs Healing Center also thinks this diet is important for Lyme patients. 

Headstands he said are important to do for one hour a day. The patient can do a modified one with the use of a chair or a swing. Getting upside down gets rid of brain fog and helps to dilate veins.

Bee venom ointment on the back of the neck helps opens the circulation to the brain and kills the bugs on the back of the neck as well.  

Homeopathic witch hazel he uses on everyone. I did not catch what for.

Redroot tincture he said is important for help with the lymph system. I have taken it before. Red root is a Buhner herb and I found it helpful.

Lyme patients have sinus and tonsils that are constantly inflated. He uses neuro therapy injections for these issues and he teaches other practitioners how to do them.

Use electro acupuncture and or muscle testing for deciding what supplements to take.  

People who recovered from Lyme he said according to a survey done in the past used energy medicine devices or machines like Rife technology and or used antimicrobials. He prefers to use the mind/brain directly instead of Rife to work on past traumas and family issues. I did not quite understand how he goes about doing this. He said the US government is on a witch hunt lately hunting down the use of energy devices. Maybe that is one reason he recommends the mind?

For people interested in using Rife he said to google Richard Loyd “Who is the master of energy medicine in the USA.” 

He recommends a Earthing Pad for sleeping at night from a company called Little Tree yet a friend thinks he said from Small Tree. I believe he said the way to contact this company is to email if Little Tree does not work try Small Tree. They sell both the cranial electrical stimulation unit he recommends and earthing pads. The cranial electrical stimulation device you use for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night.

Also for help with sleep and insomnia he says to take

50 mg of 5-HTP in the morning and 100 mg at bedtime

Tryptophan you can take up to 4 grams before bed

Lithium orotate go from 60 to 100 mg before bed

EMFs create the worst sleep and cause the most Lyme insomnia.

Jaw cavitations can cause issues so must be properly cleaned up. Silver fillings can out gas and move mercury to the brain so all patients must have them removed. Chronic jaw infections must be cleaned up. He recommends this dentist at He is good for jaw issues and sees patients in LA and Seattle.

New kinds of spirochetes are found often. There are over 300 sub types of spirochetes. He says it is airborne now and can come from a sneeze and there is no question that Lyme disease is sexually transmitted. He has patients who have passed Lyme disease to their mate. He says Lyme disease can definitely be spread through kissing and definitely through breast milk. The spirochetes are able to move and spread quickly. Our immune system is not prepared for the spirochete.

My personal practitioner believes that Lyme disease can be transmitted sexually. She recommends practicing safe sex so you do not give Lyme disease to your mate and then have it returned to you in a new mutated strain or form. She believes it is difficult to get well that without practicing safe sex.

Homeopathic Belladonna is what Dr. Klinghardt uses for eye issues.

He treats babesia with Liposomal artemesia.

He treats Morgellons just like he treats Lyme disease and then it clears.

Since starting to treat people with GcMAF he stopped using antibiotics in his office because now he no longer has a need for them.

If you would like to read more about Dr. Klinghardt go to this link.

This is a link to a blog I wrote about GcMAF.

Someone named Sushi on this forum said people can send her a private message because she pays less than $400. a month for her GcMAF & she can tell others how to get theirs for less as well.

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