Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I thought this might be helpful for anyone wondering about trying GcMAF injections.
Scott from the posted this on facebook today.

"If you are considering GcMAF as recently mentioned by Dr. Klinghardt on the conference call, please ensure you have your Nagalase levels tested before and during treatment. Also be aware that some patients (around 5%) have a significant inflammatory response that may require other interventions to manage. Thus, while GcMAF may be promising and a good option for some of us, it requires a doctor that is familiar with it to help with the blood testing and support during the 4-6 months of injection therapy. Please discuss with your doctor before trying this on your own."
Learn more about GcMAF at this link.
Here is a link to some additional valuable information about GcMAF from Scott who has recently started receiving weekly injections.
This is a link I found to a forum post by someone who went to Europe and treated there using GcMAF for XMRV treatment.
GcMAF is said to cost about $400. a month. Someone named Sushi on this forum says people can send her a private message because she pays less for her GcMAF.
I hope to read and share more about GcMAF treatment in the future.
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