Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered How to Test Yourself For Mold Exposure?

Most people with Lyme disease have had past and or present mold exposure from a residence, school, office or church. You can have harmful mold spores in your home without visible signs of water damage leaks or mold. You can not see mold spores in the air. Even if your mold exposure was in the past if you have not treated it before you need to now because there is a good chance it could still be making you sick. 

Scott from BetterHealthGuy.com posted a link to a excellent summary on how to test for mold exposure. Get tested & then treat!!! 

Here is the link to how to test yourself for mold exposure.

VCS APTitude Test ~ do a visual test here. 



  1. I just found your blog while researching chanca piedra. A friend suggested I take it when I started having gallbladder problems a week ago. I ordered it from Raintree as that is where I get Cat's Claw and started taking it yesterday morning....and today I am herxing! Iwas so stunned when the neuropathy increased and I started to feel seems to be slowly helping the gallbladder and liver, and it it also killing off bugs. I started researching and found Dr. harris's mention of it in Connie's book and then your blog posts. Very comforting to hear this. I am being told through muscle testing that it is killing Lyme and not Babs yet. And Bart which I question. I find with muscle testing that the bugs get inthe way of truthful answers sometimes.
    Oh, by the way, my husband and I both have LYme and coinfections.
    So glad I found your informative blog. I see an integrative LLMD right now in the midwest. I am only on body does not function too well with abx or too much of anything. Again, I was glad to find your old posts on this herb. I breathed a sigh of relief to read them :)

  2. Glad my post helped you. How are you doing now on Chanca Piedra? I noticed Raintree includes it one of their formulas for spirochetes.

  3. What do you recommend for removing mold in the home/office/car?
    There's a natural solution which works really well using a Propolis Vaporizer. We have a large population of mold-sensitive customers who've proven the elimination of mold from their environment by using these vaporizers. See the results at

  4. I have your propolis vaporizer/diffuser and do like it but it is not enough for treating mold in an apartment. Mold collects in the walls that have geo stress so I first had to treat the geo stress with my practitioner and if it was not for my air purifier which is a Lightening Air Plus I would still have harmful levels of mold here. A propolis diffuser can certainly help and Dr. Klinghardt recommends them but on their own they are not enough in the home.

  5. What type of Lightening Air Plus do you use? Is it the air purification unit (must be used in an unoccupied space...possibly an ozone machine) or is it one that can be run around the clock while you're in the home? If you could let me know the exact model so I can purchase one, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

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