Monday, April 19, 2010

Lyme Disease Coinfections Anxiety & Panic Attacks - Oh My!!!

During my stay in Lymeville and my constant attempted journey out of Lymeville I have had varying degrees of anxiety at times from almost 5 months straight of horrific non stop panic attacks and living hell where I was afraid to leave my home and wanted to jump out of my skin and run down the block to just a slight uneasy feeling.

Before I found a bulls eye rash on my leg many moons ago I never had any major anxiety to speak of. Thanks to ticks and bioweapons that has all changed. Anyone who has Lyme disease co-infections and major neuro symptoms with anxiety and panic attacks knows unfortunately just the kind of horrendous anxiety I am talking about.

I was asked by other people dealing with Lyme disease what supplements have helped me deal with anxiety. To be honest with you at times in the past nothing I tried helped me. Perhaps because my body was so depleted at the time or my neuro symptoms so severe that there was no quick fix or if there was I did not know at the time what would help. I might have been too acidic at the time and did not know it. I was still undiagnosed with Lyme and cos when my anxiety first developed.

Some supplements at different times have helped me so I will list them in the hopes they can help others.

Stress X by Biogenesis

It comes in a blue plastic bottle. Another company makes something with the same name yet their product is different so look for the blue plastic bottle when purchasing. You can find it online. Taking one or two of these capsules sometimes works amazing well to just nip the feeling of anxiety in the bud. You can take it during the day and it won’t knock you out or make you feel sleepy yet two caps at night will help me sleep better often and if I have a cold sometimes I will wake up without the cold symptoms after taking 2 caps. This is the product that I first grab for when feeling the return of anxious feelings.

Ele-Max by Integrative Therapies, Inc. 

I was given this supplement by an amazing homeopath/MD. I feel this supplement can and does sometimes improve anxiety and depression. It helps me with improving brain chemistry. It may not work for you over night yet if taken every morning it may help you to improve your brain chemistry in the long run. A good supplement to discuss with your health care practitioner.

I also take various cell salts (mild homeopathic minerals that melt under the tongue in a 6x dosage). You can google biochemic cell salts and read more information about them. There are 12 different types of cells salts in all. Sometimes mag phos helps me with anxiety at other times ferrum phos and sometimes kali phos depending on what mineral my body is low on. Hylands sells a combo of all the soothing cells salts that end in the word phos together in a product called Nerve Tonic. You can also find the same combo of cell salts by Hylands under the name Biochemic Phosphates. I take six tabs of the Nerve Tonic at one time

There is a very good and easy to follow book on cell salts called Natures 12 Magic Healers. This book at times has been my life saver. I have had the same dog eared book for years. I refer to it often and it is like my health bible. My copy is heavily highlighted with many notes scribbled in the back. Weeks ago a fellow Lyme sufferer asked to borrow my copy along with some other books like Healing Lyme. So far have he has refused to return them. You might say he is on a bit of an obnoxious control trip which can’t be good for anyone’s healing. Talk about bad karma it is like stealing a medicine bag from a medicine woman so hey there Mr. Potato Head just keep hanging on to my cell salt book and see what that does for you. As Dr. Phil would say “How is that working out for you?” Of course being a Malibu-ddhist does not make one enlightened over night and Mr. Potato Head grew up in the land of confusion and seems to enjoy parking his arse in that state. Annoying - yep a little!

You might also try experimenting with Rescue Remedy by Bach or other flower essences and see what works for you.

Some people have reported good results by using Kava Kava.

If die off might be causing your anxiety. It can make your pH too acidic which in turn can cause anxiety. Adding six boxes of baking soda to a bath is said to be very helpful or taking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water to alkalize or taking Alka-Seltzer Gold will do the same thing. Drinking lemon water is said to help with pH balance and a herx as well.

Binders might be helpful as well to try to bind the toxins from the die off out of your body which in turn might lesson your anxiety if it is due to the die off or being too acid rather than alkaline . 

Charcoal or green clay are just two of the different binders that might be helpful. You can ask your health care practitioner the best way to take binders and which ones to take for your body and situation. Always take binders at least 2 to 4 hours away from other meds or supplements.

I would love to hear from other people with Lyme & Cos what works for their anxiety.

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  1. To cope up with the daily stress in life, using simple stress relief hypnosis can help release tension in the body and mind.

  2. I agree self hypnosis probably would be good for dealing with daily stress and so would meditation. The hardcore anxiety along with panic attacks that can often be the result of Lyme disease and co-infections is often not your typical garden variety anxiety that healthy people have and for me at times it can be more of a physical issue than an emotional one not that emotions don't come into play but when you wake up in the middle of the night and your arms and legs are already thrashing about in a state of horror and you can't breath in very deeply and feel you are not getting any air in you are dealing with something that self hypnosis is not going to put a dent in. Bartonella can wreck havoc on one's nervous system.

  3. Sorry if this is not PC, but the only thing that has ever helped me in this area is small amounts of benzodiazepines. They are a godsend. The anxiety/panic that we experience is so NOT like what "normal" people experience. This is CNS/HPA axis hell, like your central nervous system is on hyperbolic steroids (in a very bad way). Unreal. -C

  4. L-tryptophan by Thorne was really helping my anxiety & brain chemistry for a couple of months

  5. L-tryptophan by Thorne was really helping my anxiety & brain chemistry for a couple of months