Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Bionic 880 Treatment in Germany This June

I am going to Germany this June for infrared light treatment with an very experienced doctor there who uses a Bionic 880 along with homeopathic nosodes to help treat people with Lyme disease co-infections and viruses which are all part of the ball of wax that is created when one comes down with Lyme disease. I have had more than one tick bite starting as early as age six or eight years old and I have also had some bad cases of mono as well where I was so weak and ill I was almost hospitalized. I had another bite in the early 90's. I did not see the tick that time yet did find a bulls eye rash. I did not know enough about Lyme disease at that time to know for sure what was going on and my doctors were of little help. My severe anxiety and panic attacks started the same week I found a bulls eye rash in the 90's. I was an avid hiker and went hiking all the time gardened and went camping too.  

I also currently have active EBV/CFS. Fatigue and lack of stamina are currently some of my worst symptoms. I have had all kinds of symptoms over the years including extreme anxiety and panic attacks. It took me many years to get diagnosed and I was given many meds before I was diagnosed like Prozac and steroids that might have caused more harm than good. I am glad I finally was diagnosed because not knowing what is wrong is crazy making in its self.  I have had many symptoms including total lack of appetite, insomnia, migraines the feeling I was losing my mind and going crazy because I was still undiagnosed and had no idea what was giving me sudden severe unbearable anxiety that would not go away. I have had agoraphobia and noises and smells would become unbearable at times. Even the sound of glass crashing when the recycling bins were being emptied would make me want to hide. I often had trouble breathing in enough air and still do not know if that was due to the panic attacks and anxiety or if it was air hunger caused by the co-infection called babesia. I have had too many unpleasant symptoms to list here. 

I was finally diagnosed in 2006. I do have diagnosed Lyme disease, babesia, EBV, CFS and probable bartonella and perhaps some other viruses that a weakened and over taxed immune system has brought out. I have had plenty of mold exposure in my past as well which only intensifies my illness and symptoms. 

I am looking forward to going to Germany and working with the doctor there. I am very excited and can't wait to actually meet the doctor and his staff and to begin the process and the road to better health. I do not know how well I will feel when I return. I am looking forward to some improvement. I am hoping to get some of my energy back and more and to put a dent in some of my diseases co-infections and current viruses. 

Currently I am taking Tibetan herbs that my Tibetan doctor gave me after checking my pulses. I am hoping to get my congested liver in better shape for Germany. I am also taking red root tincture and boneset tincture. I plan to be off all herbs two weeks before I leave for Dobel where I will be staying. I have been off all antibiotics and malaria meds for well over a year. 


  1. Hi Troutfarm!

    I like your blog and hope to read your updates regularly when you get settled in Germany.